Wilderness Dave joins Trail Sherpa…

Trail Sherpa Logo

I doubt anyone has really noticed, but it’s been pretty quiet around here lately and now you know why.

I’ve been in talks with Tim over at Trail Sherpa about getting WildernessDave.com on the Trail Sherpa Network.  It didn’t take a lot of convincing, I think Trail Sherpa has a good thing going.

So after some clean up and a little redesign by Jessica, the Trail Sherpa/Vestor Logic design wiz, we’re back in business.

I’ve been working on a few new stories, a couple of trail reports (including my summit of Humphrey’s Peak) and plenty of gear reviews!


So, after a short break, we’re back to our regularly scheduled program…

Wilderness Dave is contributing to the Hydration Summit…

Hydration Summit graphicWildernessDave.com  is teaming up with 15 outdoor bloggers to discuss Hydration on the trail. We hope that you will join us on Hydration Summit, starting June 4th, as we discuss and review hydration practices, safety and technology.

This 5-week discussion summit will be taking a very in depth look at every aspect of hydration. Some of the topics explored by our team of bloggers will include filtration, gear, proper use and cleaning of gear, health risks and so much more.

We are also looking for your stories of how you stay hydrated on the trails. Please come and join the conversation by Registering at Hydration Summit and share your personal story. Registered members will have chances to win gear, receive special discounts and offers and discuss all of the topics.

For more information please visit the Hydration Summit website.