Saturday Ride to Tempe Town Lake…

The tail end of October I spent nursing an excruciatingly painful swollen knee. It finally improved but I’ve been taking it easy on it so far. I’ve tried running a couple of times and it still feels loose and unpredictable so I’ve taken to riding my bike to keep up some activity.

Not only do I need to keep up the rehab on the knee, but I’m in a new part of town and I have been looking forward to exploring. I took last Saturday to bike along the park that sits next to my house. It’s a beautiful park with lakes and ponds, botanical gardens, sports fields and a nice long bike path. It’s been over a decade since I’ve explored the parks along Hayden in Scottsdale.

So Saturday I decided to ride south along the trail and see what there was to see. I had no idea that the Tempe Town Lake was connected to this trail system and only 5.5 miles from the new house! I’ve never really been to Tempe Lake, even though it’s been there since it was filled with water from the Central Arizona Project in 1999. The history of the Tempe Town Lake area is very interesting stuff, it’s been a central part of the valley for a very long time. The Lake Project itself had been in the works for over a decade before it was actually realized.

bike trail cuts under major roadway

I decide to extend the ride and loop the lake along the shoreline trail. I stopped to take some pictures and especially enjoyed shooting the West End Pedestrian Bridge. I knew there was a lot to do down here but I really had no idea how active a site the Lake had become. With it’s proximity to the University, there were tons of people out running, boating, biking, playing volleyball and fishing all along the shore line.

View down the West Pedestrian Bridge

I finished my loop in a wicked headwind. I stopped a mile or so from the house and laid out in the sun on the soft grass of one of the parks. It’s nice to know the Lake is so close and easy to reach from the new place. The total ride was a little over 18 miles, a good rehab ride and a great way to spend my Saturday morning. I will have to do this one again!

More Photos from the Lake…

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  1. Like you, I’ve shifted some of my activity from hiking to bicycling due to knee problems, although those have been largely resolved by recent arthroscopic surgery. The connection between the Indian Bend Wash trail in Scottsdale and the trail system around Tempe Town Lake is a great bit of bicycling infrastructure. After a final (for now, at least) visit to my knee doctor at Scottsdale Memorial North a few weeks ago, I celebrated my recovery with a long ride all the way from Shea to my office in Tempe. It was exhilarating.

    • Dave,

      That’s awesome! Glad your knees are letting you get out there. I am really, REALLY trying not to have to have surgery. My dad had knee surgery and I have a couple of friends now who have had it and I don’t want to if I can avoid it. So I am trying to alternate between walking, hiking, running and biking to keep the knees from getting pounded by too much of any single activity.

      The connection down from Indian Bend, through Chaparral Park, Eldorado Park and others to Tempe Town Lake is a great find for me! I used to bike and roller-blade this area back in the late 90s but I didn’t realize how close I had been to the site of the Lake. Of course, back then there wasn’t that much around the Lake but now….wow. Maybe we’ll connect on a ride down to the lake one of these days.


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