Gear Review | Mosko Moto Scout 25L Pannier Kit

When I got my KLR I immediately wanted the classic hard metal panniers…you know, the RTW traveler type with stickers from all the awesome places you may or may not have been. The kind that say, “I might be traveling internationally by motorcycle…or maybe I’m homeless.” You know the ones. They’re big, clunky and are supposed to let everyone know “I DO ADVENTURY THINGS”.

I got the panniers and I liked them. They are very big, way more room than I ever really needed. They are also loud and rattle more than my poor old KLR on fresh washboards. But at least I looked “adventury”. Right?


I had gotten used to the rattle and clank of my old Happy Trails metal panniers. Every trip with those metal cans on my trusty KLR was a vibrating, rattling, noisy, lovely ride. I had tried a few soft bags but they hung poorly on the bike and flopped in the wind. Nothing really felt secure or rugged enough to take a beating. The more time I spent on dirt, the more I wanted soft luggage. But I just couldn’t find something that felt right on the bike. When I finally got to see Mosko Moto luggage up close and see it on a bike, I knew I wanted to give them a try. Then I managed to get a set of the Scout 25L Panniers from Mosko Moto.

The quality and sturdiness of these bags, the construction and materials, is absolutely top notch. I’ve spent a lot of time running whitewater in boats that constantly took a beating against rocks, sand, and regular abuse for decades that don’t feel as bomb-proof as these panniers. That’s how I see these bags. The kind of bags that can take unreasonable amounts of daily abuse for decades and keep on going. These feel like the kind of panniers you can spend years with before they just start to feel good and broken in. I’ll be putting them in my will…so, get on my good side and they might be yours someday.

mosko moto scout panniers

The Mosko Moto mounting system is flawless. Adjustability, flexibility, and insane sturdiness. When these bags are mounted they are truly a part of the bike. They mount securely in place and lock down easily and do NOT move once on the bike. I actually had one of my metal panniers rattle loose and come off the bike while riding in Baja…the Mosko Moto bags would NEVER do that no matter where I take them. Pretty sure the bike would rattle to pieces before the bags come off.

The strategically placed MOLLE webbing allows for nearly infinite customization. Adding extra storage or accessories allows for all sorts of configurations. The top-loading bags also make it easy to access the contents on the go. The 25L bags are the smaller pannier option, but there’s still plenty of room (for most). I did a 500-mile two-up trip with my wife using the 25L panniers and the 30L Duffle and we had plenty of room. On that same trip, we rode almost 150 miles of our return trip in the pouring rain. We were soaked, but everything in our bags was perfectly dry. The waterproof materials and simple roll-top design absolutely work to keep all your stuff dry in ANY weather.

mosko moto scout panniers on KLR


Scout 25L Panniers on KLR

I really couldn’t be happier with my Scout Panniers. They are the perfect companion to my KLR and I can’t imagine going back to anything else.

Mosko Moto is one of those companies that is constantly looking at how they can improve their products. They approach each product with a fantastic design aesthetic and a desire to solve problems, create versatility, and build a product that can stand up to the most rigorous use. This is soft luggage, but it is not meant for soft use. This is hardcore motorcycle gear designed and built by hardcore motorcycle riders with extreme travel in mind.

All of that makes the investment well worth it, in my opinion.

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