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The Columbia Spring/Summer 2013 #Omniten set out on the Rogue River in southern Oregon this Summer in the spirit of #TryingStuff.  A grand time was had by all and I wrote about my experience a little bit, and some of you may have seen the pictures and read posts from the other Omniten about the trip.  Amazing group, amazing time, all with a truly amazing company.

We had a great photographer on the trip by the name of Mark Going who took some cool footage and interviews with the group.  This is the resulting video sent to us from Columbia.  Toward the end there’s a peak at me doing a little bit of a back flip.  Good fun.

Rogue River with Omniten

It’s pretty awesome.  The Winter Omniten has been selected and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them!

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  1. Nice video! And nice back flip. It’s getting me excited for my own trip. I feel like I have to really start training in order to keep up with all the young folk in the rest of the omniten. I was thinking about bringing my own DSLR and creating something like this, but it sounds like they have their own guy. I still might do it, to see if I can get a different perspective…

    • I wanted to bring my DSLR too but I didn’t. I brought it on the trip but left it at the hotel when we went on the river. I kinda wish I had brought it.

      You should bring it.

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