Hydration Summit – Week 4…

Hydration Summit

Last week was the final week of the Hydration Summit.  Hopefully you’ve been following along and keeping track.  If you’re just find this post, you can see what the Hydration Summit is all about through my recaps of Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 or just go to the Hydration Summit directly and pick up some great information about hydration in the outdoors.  This has really turned in to a useful collection of tips and education about how to safely stay hydrated when exploring the outdoors.

June 25th-

Terry chimes in from across The Pond and gives us his review of the GeigerRig Hydration System.  He addresses his concerns with pushing water too quickly through the in-line filter arguing that it will reduce the effectiveness of the filtration process.  He also gives some simple tips for cleaning your non-GeigerRig hydration reservoirs (it’s really not that tough folks).

I led off mentioning Whitney’s review in last week’s post.  Make sure you check out her in-depth video review of the big 4 hydration systems.  She shows us a nice side-by-side comparison of the GeigerRig, CamelBak, Platypus and Osprey systems and gives us her pros and cons of each.

June 26th-

Our good buddy Adam breaks down the use of the GeigerRig Hydration Engine in various off-brand backpacks.  He tosses his 3L GeigerRig in to 3 different packs (the REI Alpine, REI Flash 18 and the Ultralight Adventure Equipment Catalyst) and shows us how each one worked to accommodate the two hose system and pump.

Jake looks at hydration supplements from the manufacturers point of view with his interview of Steve Born the Senior Technical Advisor for Hammer Nutrition.  Find out how a company looks at hydration from a marketing, R&D and manufacturing standpoint and see what Steve has to say about hydration.

 June 27th-

Our official South American correspondent, Paul, offers his review of the GegierRig 700 backpack and Hydration Engine.  He’s had his pack all over Bolivia from hiking high mountains in the Andes to trudging through thick rain forests to biking down the most dangerous road in South America.  His time with the pack in so many different conditions has led him to a very detailed review.

Katie brings us part 2 of her interview with hydration expert John Seifert.  This time she asks John about how to increase the effectiveness of water for hydration and how flavored drinks may improve hydration.  Go check it out.

June 28th-

On the final day of the Hydration Summit I submitted a quick, abridged version of the review I’m working on for the PurifiCup Water Filter.  I pulled some lab data from a review done by The Omega Man, showing how the filter worked in eliminating solids, color, chlorine and the ability of the nanosilver membrane to kill bacteria.

Hendrik closes the Hydration Summit with a exploration of where hydration technology might be headed.  He delves into some conceptual ideas and offers some very possible advances in the way we use hydration systems.  Some of his very right-now ideas include apps that remind you to hydrate and reservoir monitoring tied to a watch or phone to let you know how much fluid you have left.  It’s a thought provoking article that gets you thinking about where the technology might be in 5, 10…20 years.

What advancements would you like to see in the hydration system technology?

Winners of the GeigerRig Hydration Packs will be announced some time in the next couple of days.  So if you participated in the Summit, stay tuned for information about who won.

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