Hunting Saguaro Blooms in Saguaro National Park

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Saguaro flowers in Saguaro National Park

This year was a big year for cactus flowers in the southwest.  All around Phoenix the cholla and prickly pear were bright with colorful blooms because of the seasonal rains.  Saguaros bloom later in the Spring than most of the smaller cacti, so as we entered May I knew I should be on the lookout for saguaro blooms.  I had heard that they had already started popping up in Saguaro National Park West near Tucson, so my wife and I headed out to spend a couple of days at the park.

There is no camping in Saguaro National Park, so we camped just outside the park and drove in every morning to hunt for Saguaro blooms.  Apparently it was still early in the season for the Saguaros and we really had to do some serious searching to find any flowers, and the ones we did find were hard to get pictures of.

Saguaros bloom at the top of the main trunk and arms, which are usually 20 to 40 feet in the air and hard to shoot from the ground.  But after some serious hunting we finally found a saguaro with an arm that was twisted and bent toward the ground…AND had a bloom!  It was way off the road and we easily could have missed it.

We parked the truck and hiked across the desert to get to the old cactus bowing gracefully to show us it’s beauty.  My wife and I shot a lot of stuff on that trip but this shot is still one of my favorites from that Park.

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