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You know when you finish a long, tough hike nothing feels better than slipping off those hiking boots and letting your poor, abused feet breath? For me, it was always a pair of sandals or just go barefoot to give my feet some relief.  Sandals aren’t always the best option, though.

SanuksLast year I discovered the joy of wearing Sanuks!  Sanuks are not shoes, but they’re not sandals either…they are a loose, casual, flexible shoe built on a sandal footbed.  The result is the comfort and feel of a sandal with the security and coverage of a shoe.  And they are FANTASTIC!  I originally bought my first pair (my awesome brown Chibas $65) in Reno because I needed a casual shoe I could wear around town.  I loved them so much I bought a second pair (my ever present Khaki Carpe DMs $60) just because.

Sanuks have now become my pre and post-hike shoe of choice.  They pack easily, weight very little and stand up to a lot of abuse.  Wear and tear just add character, so mine have been almost everywhere with me.  I wear them heading to the trail, take them with me if I plan to stop or camp, and slip them on as soon as I get off the trail.  When they get dirty they wash easily in a stream, lake, pool or a quick spin in the washing machine.  Couldn’t be easier!

sanuk01I am looking forward to my next pair of Sanuks from their R.A.S.T.A. collection!  All RASTA Project products are made from recycled, low eco-impact materials and shipped in biodegradable bags.  Check out their website for details!

Many retailers carry Sanuk Products these days and there are A LOT of imitators out there.  Be sure to look for the SANUK signature green logo tag.


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