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Point 6 wool socks

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One of the major attributes we had factored in to our Sock-Off 2011 testing is Durability.  I think all of us (me, Adam and Bill) pointed out in our reviews that we had a limited amount of time testing these Merino wool socks before writing and so the durability of the product was not really put to the test.  In my review of the Point6 Hiking Tech Merino wool socks I was impressed that the socks looked completely unaffected by a 9-mile hike through rugged desert terrain.

Now, these socks have been through another 60 to 80 miles of hiking, logged a little over 90-miles worth of running, about 60-miles biking and have simply been on my feet more than most other socks I own since my initial review.  I am happy to report that they STILL look as good as they did the day they arrived in the mail.  They have not faded, worn or lost their shape in any way.  They show, literally, NO signs of wear at all.  These tanks can take anything you throw at them.  I am very impressed.

Point 6 Wool Socks

Point 6 after…


I originally got these socks from Point 6 in 2011. This update is mid-2015 and I am still wearing these same socks regularly, they still look JUST LIKE THIS and have shown absolutely no signs of wear. I have been remarkably impressed with Point 6 quality and have become a huge supporter of their product. I have met a few (very few) people who are not fans but mostly is has to do with personal fit. I don’t know anyone who has had complaints about durability or quality.

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