Gift List

This page will serve as my WISH LIST. I will try to keep it updated as much as possible as things get added or removed from the list. If I’m missing anything from this list feel free to leave me a comment and remind me of other things I may have asked for throughout the year….

The List

  1. ESEE Izula knife – Nice light weight option for a hiking/backpacking blade.
  2. I’ve been looking at these awesome cozy gloves for this Winter…
  3. The Shag Master Hoodie from looks like an awesomely soft and comfy winter jacket…
  4. Snow Peak Titanium Cook Set – This comes highly recommended and I have a couple of stoves that will nest nicely inside.
  5. Jetboil Sol Ti – I love my Jetboil enough that I would really like the smaller solo titanium version for lighter trips.
  6. MountainSmith Modular Hauling System (4 piece) – good little package for organizing for camping/travel.
  7. Alpaka Pack Raft – Or not, it just seems silly to spend the money…
If anyone should buy any of these items (or anything else for that matter) from REI, this is my REI membership number: 04747208.  Using this membership number could get you discounts or free shipping on some orders.

P.S.- I know some of these items are (WAY) above the normal gift price range.  This list is as much for me to remember the things I want to get, as it is a “Gift List”.  So, just ignore the stuff that’s clearly too expensive to consider.

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