As much as I love my truck, it’s just not a practical vehicle to drive around town.  It’s a huge powerful 4WD heavy duty truck, but it doesn’t like to go in to challenging terrain either because it’s so long.  I miss having a secondary vehicle that is more versatile and nimble and easy to drive.

So, I’ve decided it’s time to try to get that Jeep I’ve always wanted.  The timing sucks, because I’m broke and most of my money is going to higher priorities right now.  All the same, I want to start saving to get a Jeep.

Some initial research shows I can find what I’m looking for somewhere between $2800 and $5500.  So my goal is about $4000.

If you’d like to help, I’ve set up a donation account through PayPal.  hehehe

Welcome to 2011!

I’m genuinely excited for 2011.  Last year was a horrible business year and I’m happy to leave it behind.  2011 already looks to be a better and brighter year with work coming in the door, money changing hands and lots of new work on the horizon.  I’m looking for 2011 to be the opportunity we’ve been waiting for to expand and grow my various companies.

Personally, last year represented a low point and a high point for me.  I went through some serious depression last year but ended up finding the love of my life.  Now as I go in to the new year I am amazingly happy and excited about my future.  It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth every ounce of hardship.

2011 finds me feeling good, optimistic and hopeful.